SHOOK ; Hydrated skin is now available to everyone at the supermarket!

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Big promising and unbelievable headline isn’t it? I’m sure many of you are thinking this should be interesting another magical beauty claim. Insert eye roll here. >

Well I assure you it is no claim. It is real, I myself have been using it and now it’s your turn.

Introducing the first, unbelievably accurate skincare promise now available at your local supermarket.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Range. 


The range contains a magical ingredient in every product. It is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). In case you didn’t know this is a water-loving molecule that loves to covalently bind to water. HA molecules are the water-holics of the skin and there is no 12 step program to fix them. Why would you want to fix them? Take them to the Hydro Boost Pub and put your credit card on the bar!

I myself was skeptical of this new product range, so I decided to take advantage of the 50% off skincare sale at my local Priceline. Which was some time ago in September. As you may know you MUST try skincare for a minimum of a month to really see how your skin handles it, as the skin cycle is 28 days. I believe a minimum of thee months is best.

Anyways, I purchased everything I could find from the range (prices listed are at full price from the Priceline website at the time of this blog click here):

Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser $15.99

HB Water Gel Cleanser 827x826

I chose this cleanser as I have normal to oily skin type. The cleanser promises to remove dirt and makeup while still providing hydration.

Well the cleanser did just that and didn’t leave my skin feeling tight, indicating it is not stripping. It was a nice cleanser, my skin seemed as hydrated as it usually does. Speaking from someone who has quite hydrated skin. I think this is perfect for normal to oily skin types.

For a Very Dry or sensitive skin go for the Hydro Boost foaming cleanser $14.99 find it here  OR
If you have Normal – Dry skin go the Hydro Boost Gelee Milk Cleanser $15.99 find it here

Hydro Boost Eye Roll-on $19.99


This eye gel is my next step after the cleanser and its lovely and refreshing to apply morning and night, especially after a hot shower. The best thing about this eye care product is it contains no alcohol. Which you might be surprised to hear but there are many an alcho eye cream out there. I found this super hydrating, it made for a lovely base for foundation or concealer. Your skin will just drink it no matter your hydration level.

Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15 $24.99 


This my beauties should become your new makeup primer! I use this like a serum in the morning and it’s brilliant. This is super smoothing, ultra hydrating and it even offers sun protection. It feels similar to some of the high-end primers I have bought from Sephora. Honestly, the only downside is it’s a low SPF. But some SPF is better than no SPF.

Alternative: Hydro Boost Serum $27.99 find it here. This is apparently the holy grail from the hydration line, however every time I go to buy it, it’s sold out! So do me a favour and take all the positives from the products I did try, and get this when you see it! Products don’t sell out for no reason! Perfect for AM and PM.

Hydro Boost Water Gel $24.99


This is by far the best product from the entire range! This is comparable, if not better than professional prescribed brands of hydrating moisturisers. I was honestly in disbelief that there was a product like this now available at an affordable price and so easily accessible. This is perfect for normal to oily skin types and it doesn’t loose it’s power once it’s absorbed. It continues to keep you hydrated and plump all day long.

As a professional with access to the best in skincare this is now my favourite as it’s just magic. My HA’s are partying like its 1999 all day, evvvvvvveryday with this wonder.

Alternative: Hydro Boost Gel Cream $24.99 find it here
Suited for Normal to Dry and what’s even better it contains no oil yet will nourish your skin.

Hydro Boost Night Concentrate $24.99 


This is filled with magical little balls of hydration bliss. Who would of though putting tiny balls on your face would have such benefits? This is one of the most hydrating and plumping cream gels I have used.  I use this at night but not all the time because I honestly don’t think its necessary now I have been down the Hydro Boost Road and I don’t want to waste it. In the beginning I was using this every night all over my face. This reminds me of a high-end sleeping mask. I actually only use it nightly on my neck and decollate a.k.a. chest. I believe this would be suited to all skin types as it is non-comedogenic and won’t give you opposite effects in any way.

Hydro Boost Mask set $19.99 


This box is filled with 5 masks which makes each mask $4 each. Pretty good if you ask me. This sheet mask is just like all the other products, super hydrating and plumping. This is great to use before bed and forgo the night concentrate, or add the night concentrate for super hydration however you may feel a bit wet and over hydrated until it’s all absorbed. Nothing wrong with that, as the skin CAN NEVER EVER BE OVER HYDRATED! Great to use once a week. Unfortunately this is the other one that got away from me and was sold out when I was hunting it down. Next time I see it I will purchase it. If everything else is so good why wouldn’t this be?

So to be completely honest, I have recommended the Hydro Boost water gel to my clients in the salon. I even got one of my fellow professional beauty friends on board with Hydro Boost. There would be some beauty therapist’s out there rolling over in their graves because I did that. I would be sent to the naughty corner of professional beauty hell! I ask you… HOW COULD I NOT SHARE THIS! It is affordable, it does exactly what it says. There is something for all skin types and most importantly it’s easily accessible. I would never ever recommend crap to my clients. Never have I ever recommended/prescribed a supermarket or pharmacy available skincare to my clients in my time and I never thought I would.

I have even used the Hydro boost water gel after chemical peels and it is fantastic! I can use quite a high percentage of glycolic acid on my skin and afterwards I am supposed to neutralise the peel with a specific lotion. I used the Water gel to neutralise and then after some time I applied the night concentrate to my skin and it was just loving every minute of it. I don’t know how I will return to post-peel salon products now.

But wait, I think more is coming…. I have seen a Hydro Boost facial wipes and foundation tint online so I will absolutely be purchasing these as soon as they get in my local stores.






In no way am I affiliated or sponsored to do this post. It is just a public service announcement saying that everyone needs hydration and it’s literally available to you, in your suburb,  at your local Pricelines, Coles, Woolworths and chemists.

Until next time stay hydrated

Jayde (the naughty beauty therapist) xx



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