10 Things to know about your vagina & 1 I’m sure you didn’t know.

If you think you know everything that your hoo-ha can do, I bet there is one thing in here you didn’t know,  and if so please comment which one it was!

As women we are told to speak up about post-natal depression, mental health, breast cancer and so much more. But, there is one thing that I feel is neglected in society and that is your lady flower. In a salon where brazilian waxing goes on many times a day this topic is quite common, and in the salon it is usually always a comfortable and casual place to discuss it. However on the list below, there are things women discuss with their doctor and with apprehension. It doesn’t need to be that way and from someone who deals with many ladies and their important bits, can I tell you we are all in the same boat and we all experience the same things.

Here is the list of things you should know about your va-jay-jay, so you feel like you’re sailing in the boat with the rest of the female nation heading to paradise.

1 – It has a similar pH level to tomato juice…


Whaaaaa?  Yep, just like that Dove soap ad from the 90’s telling us our skin has the pH level of 5.5 our hoo-ha’s also have a pH level. It happens to be the same as tomato juice. The pH of the vagina ranges from 3.8-4.5.

The pH of the skin is approximately 5-5.5. Which means what you use on your outside isn’t always good for your inside! Yes your lady parts are equipped with self-cleaning enzymes and there isn’t much maintenance she requires, however, it’s always good to use a cleanser made especially for her. Ensuring proper pH levels means you’re lowering any chance of infection. Referring back to that Dove soap ad, do you remember what happens when we strip our skin with astringent soaps? Well imagine that down… and up there. It is completely fine to wash with water and that’s enough for everyone. However many women out there use female intimate cleansers that are ideal for those who are sensitive, want that extra clean feeling or for those who have thrush. Which leads me to my next point:

2 –  If you haven’t experienced thrush before consider yourself a rarity.


Well maybe not a rarity but your of the uncommon variety. So What is thrush?

Thrush occurs when the natural vagina bacteria becomes unbalanced. Those little bacteria that inhabit that prime real estate actually keep the pH level spot on, which keeps Candida (aka Thrush) at bay. There are 70% of women who experience thrush at least ONCE in their lifetime and,  for those of you who face it almost always from antibiotics, you can count that percentage being way higher! Thrush is a rare among women who haven’t had their first period or women who have experienced menopause.

There are so many reasons women get thrush: When you take antibiotics, are run down, have lots of sexy time, pregnant, breastfeeding or maybe something more complex like an endocrine system issue that’s messing with your hormone regulation. The point is we all experience thrush. It’s completely normal. It’s apart of being a woman and like many things woman it sucks.

Oh and good news, there are lots of new antibiotics on the market that won’t give you thrush anymore! So next time you get sinusitis  ask your doctor for the latest!

3 – The vagina can stretch back to better than it was before prior to giving birth!


It might take up to 6 months to heal but it’s a free bonus of vaginal rejuvenation that comes with childbirth!

So as we all know when you push a baby through the tunnel of life, the skin and tissue is capable of stretching beyond belief. This stretching is due to the huge amount of collagen, elastin and reticular fibres that are present. Those stretchy fibres actually become stronger and better when put under stress. After the stress the fibres re-join and recreate a tougher, stretchier and better network than ever before!  Thus making your canal more of a hallway. In fact, there are beauty treatments based on attacking the skin to trigger the amazing rejuvenation of these fibres. Treatments like this give the skin a more youthful appearance. For example dermal rolling. Have a google or wait for my blog on that 🙂

Also one of the reasons pregnancy is generally easier second time round is due to the previous stretching and structural changes to the body and vagina.

Yes some of us have all heard the odd horror story of a woman going through the ringer and having a total mess left down there, but this is the minority.

4 – Your vagina lets you know when you’re ovulating!


Ever notice some white-ness on your knickers at certain times of the month? That’s the mucous of the cervix and it is seen in many forms: clear, cloudy, rubbery, stringy, sticky and clumpy. If it’s ever discoloured or isn’t its normal self,  it’s time to see your doctor. This annoying reminder is your body telling you its egg time. Sunny side up please!

5 –  Pap smears prevent cancer!


Most of us have experienced the dreaded a Pap smear and you need to ensure you’re doing them regularly.
If your new to it and your embarrassed don’t be. It’s normal. All women have to do it every two years and some have to do it more regularly than others. I’ll even be completely honest and say I have been one to have them more regularly due to some abnormal and potentially cancerous cells. This is also another common reason women have had the more-the-often swab. A 10 minute appointment every so often is way better than having cancer and potentially dying.

The main thing to remember is that your doctor does several of them each day and that means they do hundreds and hundreds a year! Your just another vagina in line to be swabbed and chances are there is nothing special about yours. Also nurses, doctors, beauty therapist and anyone else with a profession where we see ladies bits means they are so used to seeing so many of them that they have seen all kinds, shapes, colours and sizes. Any one of those professionals has seen bunch that look just like yours and they don’t give it a second thought after you’ve left the room so don’t you second guess it.

Also pap smears are fantastic ways at detecting STD’s, but to prevent that annoying visit just ensure your protected whilst on your sex-capades.

IMPORTANT: Even if your a virgin you should be having pap smears from approximately 18 years old. Pap smears are not all sexually related, they are searching for abnormal cells that lead to cervical cancers.

6-  A little known STD that can live inside there is a parasite!


This one I don’t expect many of you to know, as I just learnt about it myself at uni. Were covering almost every potential skin infection known to woman.

That’s right a freaking bug/insect/creepy crawly can live inside you! It’s known as trichomoniasis or “trich” for short. How do you get it? Unprotected sex. How common is it? Well, 3.7 million people have it in the USA and only 30% of them develop symptoms!!!! (According to the CDC). So basically you have no idea its in there unless you have symptoms! What are the symptoms? A yellow green froth that comes from the vagina. Imagine yellow/green bath bubbles. Also it can take up to a month to get rid of!!!  I suppose the only positive is it is one of the easiest STD’S to get rid of, but it sounds the most violating that a bug takes over your delicate flower. #getthebugspray

7 –  When you get your period your vagina swells!


Just as you get bloated in your tummy around that time of the month so does your
va-va…. and your ta-ta’s. Some women swell more than others and some women can experience difficulty when trying to insert a tampon. Some women experience this difficulty on the heavier days compared to the lighter days.  It also swells or expands during sex due to a rush in blood flow to the area.

8 – A tampon does not mean you have lost your virginity!!!


This may seem obvious for some but in some cultures tampons are frowned upon in women who are virgins. It’s not even based on cultures either. Some women genuinely believe this due to lack of education. If you are reading this and you are one these who believe this, its okay and please read on.  I have experienced this belief within circles of women in my world. To lose your virginity it takes sexual penetration. A tampon is not sexual, it is an annoying burden that is anything but sexy. To be seen as clinically  “de-virginised” it means you have no visible hymen (a part of the vagina). The hymen wears down or tears through sex. But you can loose your  hymen as a child by riding your bike  or a pony. No one goes around preventing little girls from bike and pony rides so don’t let anyone prevent you from using a very non-sexual cotton plug.

9 – Clotting like it’s hot.


Some of you may only ever have clot-filled periods and others may have periods that only present with clots sometimes or never. Either way it’s all normal.  Do you know what the clotting is? It’s the lining of the uterus. Some times your uterus decides to shed its lining more so than other times. The period is regulated by hormones from the endocrine system and sometimes, medication, food, illness etc, can disturb the secretion of these hormones and sometimes you clot more than others. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. If for any reason you believe it’s not normal please see your doctor.

10-  You can’t lose something up there.


This includes tampons! As much as your vag feels like a two-way street with blood going out one way and other things entering another, it really is only a one-way street. If you ever do feel like you lost a tampon please see your doctor immediately. I’m positive they have heard the tale of the ‘lost tampon’ many many times before.


Can I just tell you how I have been debating whether or not to do this topic for several reasons. Growing up, if anyone mentioned these things to me I would literally……. just…… die. These days, I notice teens being way more open and expressive about such topics. I have clients in my salon that tell me so many intimate details about their lives, bodies and pregnancies that it inspired me to share these things with you. I think its nice to know that you’re not alone and just about every women experiences many or all of these things in life.


You should speak up about the things that make up our bodies, whether it’s about your sore feet or your next pap-smear. I urge you to find a friend and discuss the things that make us women. We’re stronger when were together and we can learn and educate each other.

Until next time

Stay informed

Jayde xx


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