A beauty device I cannot live without! The purasonic review:

I urge you to read this review as I really believe everyone should own one of these. I am not one of those beauty therapists that recommends everything and pushes you to buy, buy, buy! I’ll briefly explain why:
My clients know me best for giving honest advice and suggesting products from regular stores at affordable prices. Example: I am not going to sell my client a sixty dollar micellar water from a professional cosmeceutical company over the one with the exact same ingredients from the supermarket for a fraction of the price. I wouldn’t do it personally and I wouldn’t advise my friends or family to do so either.
However,  you should get one of these as it is absolutely necessary to great skin care and hygiene.

Introducing the Purasonic Classic sonic cleansing device from PuraBeauté

img_4432.jpgInside the box:

  • The Purasonic facial cleansing device with 3 different speeds
  • 1 Everyday brush head for normal skin
  • 1 Gentle brush head for sensitive skin
  • Waterproof stand
  • 100v-240v power pack
  • Magna-link charger
  • USB cord for charger
  • Instruction manual.


Purasonic is Aussie owned and essential to everyones facial cleansing routine. Wether your male, female, young, old, have dry skin, eczema, acne or whatever the case; everyone can harness the power of this device and here’s why:

Purasonic is a sonic cleansing brush that oscillates at over three hundred movements per second. The device is completely waterproof and can live in the shower!

Purasonic has been proven to cleanse the skin 9 times better than manual cleaning! 9 TIMES! Let me tell you this isn’t one of those company claims that is full of it! It is literally true. It cleans way more thoroughly than your hands or with the use of a face cloth!

I encouraged the hubby to use this after a day of woodworking in the garage and the amount of stuff that came off his face was astonishing. Don’t start thinking ‘oh that must have been days of build up’ because it wasn’t. Do you think a husband of a beauty therapist doesn’t have a daily skincare regime?

Seen above are the two included brush heads. The brush head with the grey ring is suited to sensitive skins, the bristles are softer and less ridged. The black ringed brush head is for normal skin, these bristles are firmer and stiffer.

Regardless of your skin type start with the grey sensitive brush head and start on the lowest speed setting. The Purasonic is so powerful that going from washing your face normally to using a device from heaven may send your skin into a spin as it has never been so well cleaned before. Much like training for a marathon, work your way up the speedometer and brush head. For beginners, I recommend using the grey head for everyday and once a week using the black brush head. I am not saying the machine is harsh or the brush heads are too rough, it’s just when we change any regime in life our body or skin needs to get used to it. There will be users out there that went straight to the normal black brush head and it worked fine for them. I’m just doing my duty as a beauty therapist informing the world that this is a very real reaction that happens when good skin care products actually work and also so as no one gets cross at the device.

Some of you might be thinking “so does this brush head spin?” Well no. Its not like a car buffer, but it oscillates so quickly it is better for your skin. The oscilations are far better at removing large or micro sized dirt, dust or makeup. Within the beauty industry we use spinning brush heads with boar bristles in facials.
Below: professional salon brush machine.

I have used many of these on myself and my clients. The beauty industry is now turning to the power of sonic as it is far greater at providing superior exfoliation, cleansing and paving the way for further products. Instead of hoping to get one of these used on you in a high-end day spa or my salon its time you got one for yourself… today!

Purasonic even has the device pre-programmed for you so you don’t even have to think about what you’re doing. You can literally be half asleep, trying to dress a child with one hand and use the Purasonic in the other hand. Or in my case wrangle the chihuahua from killing the postman while half asleep.
The built-in one minute timer designates:
20 seconds for the forehead
20 seconds for your nose and chin
10 seconds for each cheek totalling another 20 secs.
When in use the machine gives you a different vibration which tells you to go onto the next area. I like to run the timer again and do 20 seconds on my neck and the remaining time on my upper chest A.K.A my declotte`. Often this area is forgotten and it’s just as important as the face. You know how to tell a persons’ age? Look at their neck, upper chest or hands… Hint, hint time to work on those areas.


Consistent use of the machine will improve your skin. The Purasonic can help/reduce/fix skin issues like:

  • blackheads
  • acne
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • enlarged pores
  • pigmentation
  • poor skin texture
  • uneven skin tone

and so much more. I can scientifically explain how daily use of the Purasonic can do this. When the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) is constantly shed it promotes the deeper cells at the cell matrix (cell factory) to produce better skin cells. These newer and better skin cells are what give you the amazing results. The life cycle of the skin is approximately 28 days,  and this is from cell matrix to the outermost layer. With use over the course of a month you will see noticeable results. If your one who is completely new to good skin care then your results will be even more noticeable.

The Energizer bunny ain’t got nothing on this baby!


The magnetic charger gives so much life to the Purasonic. I barely charge mine. I have never experienced it going flat and that’s with daily use! Unfortunately, I can’t find exact figures on its battery life but I can tell you I give it a courtesy charge one a week.

So you’ve probably been wondering this whole time how much is this little wonder?

img_4453Seen above is what the Purasonic looks like with no brush head on.

The Purasonic Classic will only set you back $59! It is currently on sale here. and it’s replacements heads are $19.95. You needn’t worry as you already get two brush heads in the pack remember! Also PuraBeauté (the company) stock travel cases and a variety of brush heads to suit specific skin types. You can have a look here.

I bet you can already guess my lipstick rating….

I rate it 5 out of 5. 💄💄💄💄💄

Honestly I want to give it 6 out of 5 as it surpasses the rating scale. The score on a metaphorical assignment would be 100/100 and this teacher has found her teachers pet.

The device is as essential as showering. You would not go without a shower! So don’t go without one of these.

Despite the amazing things this device can do alone with your favourite cleanser or just plain old water, the Purasonic paves the way for superior skin absorption. After using the device when you apply toners, serums, moisturisers or masks the skin is so prepared to suck all that goodness up like a sponge. Which saves you money in the long run as you’ll find yourself using less of those cosmetics. If your one of those who uses good skincare then you will see fantastic results,  as the combination of  your chosen skincare and the Purasonic works wonders for your skin.

I really hope I have encouraged some of you to purchase one of these as it’s genuinely a skin changer and for one minute a day how could you say no? If you don’t do it for yourself please buy it for a loved one as they will be eternally grateful.

Until next time stay cleansed…

Jayde xx


2 thoughts on “A beauty device I cannot live without! The purasonic review:

  1. Apparently the attachments or even the device is no more available on their website or any other retailer for that matter. I am so bummed because I had owned it for couple of years and can’t use it anymore because of unavailability of replacement brushes.


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