Tips to getting Valentines day/ date ready

Getting ready for a Valentine’s Day or a special date with a special someone can be quite stressful. While putting your make up on you can get anxious and stressed thinking about your outfit, then you start to get clammy and sweat. Your makeup isn’t applying as easily and now you’re in a huff because you can’t find the right shoes.
I got your back girl! Here are some pre date tips to keep you on track and calm before your big date, party, job interview, wedding. Whatever the event you will find some helpful tips ahead!


As Valentine’s Day is in one of the hottest months (in the land of Oz) it’s hard not to break a sweat regardless if your nervous. Here’s a tip I used on my wedding day which also was on v-day and a very hot one at that. Apply a cream stick deodorant like a primer.
I used Rexona’s clinical protection as a primer on my wedding day to prevent the amazing makeup from falling off. I didn’t get any moisture on my face that whole day. Except for happy tears which also didn’t destroy my foundation due to this little trick.


After applying moisturiser I let it set in and then applied the clinical deodorant with my fingers. I aimed for it on my forehead as this is my trouble area particularly in a giant gown under the hot sun!
After my makeup artist did her amazing job, my make up stayed on all day and night. It wasn’t ruined by sweat or tears. It remained photographically stunning.

These clinical wonders will last you forever as I still only use it at weddings and big events in summer.


Nothing is sexier than having smooth and moisturised skin. Have you ever noticed after a pedicure, how your skin colour and tone changes? When exfoliants are applied it brings blood to the area, sheds old dull skin and obviously makes the skin softer.

If your tanning you absolutely have to scrub red raw. I recommend these mitts:

24194- EACH.jpg
The ones I like are the exfoliating mitts that look like this compared to the other ones that look like a glove. These are way better. Yes you may find they are quite tough and rough but they do the job unlike no other. You can find them at Priceline, your local beauty salon or online. Pictured here, is one I like to buy from the salon supplier. Caron Lab’s Milano exfoliating mit.

Or if you’re not a mitt kinda person, try a scrub. Like a hot salt or sugar scrub. These have added oils in them which also nourish the skin during exfoliation. I wouldn’t recommend this pre tan as the skin must be very clean and free from oils.
Here is one of my favourites from Mor. The sugar rose and tiger lily is not too sweet-smelling which I love, and its made from salt and sugar so you achieve a really good exfoliation.

Once exfoliated pick your favourite moisturiser and lather up. If your pre tanning don’t. But if you’re not,  go for gold and make sure your covered head to toe. By date time you will have healthy glowing smooth skin and be ready for someone to hold your smooth delicate hand.

Side note- Scrub your lips! Soft lips mean soft kisses! Use a lip scrub to exfoliate those deep lines from your pout. You’ll find your lipstick goes on superbly and lasts longer.
Pictured below is a lip scrub I use. I got it off Ozsale some time ago. The brand is Look Beauty. . You can find many different brands of these at Priceline, Myer and online.


You can buy lots of lip scrubs out there but a quick way is getting raw sugar, some honey and a squirt of lemon. Make it into a paste and scrub your lips. It works a treat and tastes yummy!


This is something my Nanny passed on to me. Using a natural nerve calmative is great if your feeling super anxious about your date.


Try Rescue remedy – pictured here.  They come in a variety of lozenges, drops and oral sprays. This natural chill pill is safe and really does do the job at re-centering your self to go on. Perfect for those getting ready stressful moments. Great for use before other big nerve-racking events like a wedding, job interview or exams! Carry it with you in your purse and be sure to follow the directions. I prefer the drops, as its easy to place a drop or two under the tongue.


It seems when we have a big date planned we like to go ALL out. We try amazing things with our hair and makeup, sometimes we even try a new tan. But this can lead to unwanted surprises.

Always stick to the products you know and have used before. Stick to a hairstyle you know, you can do with your eyes closed. Most importantly stick to a makeup look that you’ve worn before and been complimented on.

Before a big date you don’t want to be stressing because you’re trying to remove a curler from your hair and it’s your first time doing it. You don’t want to be freaking out because you decided on winged eyeliner and one eye is perfect while the other looks like is flying away. These are all added stresses that aren’t going to help. Go with what has worked in the past and go with what you know.


Just like your Mum or Nan might have said to you in school: “Get your uniform ready now and not in the morning!” This trick saves you from being late it also saves the hassle of trying to find everything including your favourite pair of Spanx.

White Tee Flatlay Outfit 01 (1000px) copy.jpg
Choose your outfit the night before. Find it all, try it on, iron or steam it and hang it up ready to go. So all you have to do is get ready and go. No stressful hunting down that favourite push up bra because you did that yesterday!
I use this trick every time I have a big doo. I use it for parties, weddings and I’ll use it for university in a couple of weeks because I hate early mornings and hunting down my comfy undies at 6:00am.
Pictured here is a gorgeous little outfit layout from


Half of you will know this and the other half will not. The most common thing men say about women and makeup. “I don’t like it when girls wear way too much makeup”.


Pictured here, with terrible contouring and severely overdone makeup is Nicki Minaj.

This is a very common complaint from men. I’ve heard my closest girlfriends say it to me when their partners have said it to them. I have heard male friends say it and I have heard every guy I have ever dated say it. Now the love of my life (my husband) still comments when I go overboard…and that’s not very often.

Guys do not like you to have cake face and be contoured so much you don’t look like yourself. Chances are they have seen you with less makeup on in the past, or they saw you dolled-up in a dark club and now your going on a date. Truth is he hasn’t seen cake face and he fancies your normal (make up) face. Just enhance your beauty. You should act yourself and certainly look like yourself. Especially because if this date leads to “the one”, they will see you without make up, they will see you in sickness with a red snotty nose and they will eventually see you give birth, which is not the most glamorous of events.


We all know to apply perfume to our wrists and neck. These points allow the perfume to pulsate with blood flow and keep us smelling gorgeous all day and night. But have you ever perfumed your hair? Or perfumed the back of your neck?

Applying perfume in these areas, could make your possibly two-day old hair smell designer fresh. When you and your date get close, no need to move your wrist in their face,  just flick your hair. If your date is taller than you they will be able to smell the scents of a goddess from the top of your crown. I always apply perfume in my hair, literally everyday. This trick usually gets everyone to notice it when I kiss them hello, but not only that –  it makes me feel fresher when I have just dry shampooed the crap out of my hair.
I chose to picture my favourite perfume but wanted to share this pretty image I found from

I wish you good luck and less stress on your next date. Wether you are married, single, or it’s complicated. I hope these little tips can help you when you’re getting ready for your big date or next party. Just remember these two things:

Kindness is the secret to beauty.


Being yourself is the most attractive thing, as that’s what makes you so unique and special.

Until next time. Stay classy.

Jayde xx


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