5 Free skincare hacks. Comes with a bonus hair hack!

These hacks I use every single day and you should too! They are almost FREE and you’ll see why when you continue reading. I do these every night in my nightie and without make up so I wanted to share my real life with you.

Oh and I included a bonus hair hack at the end. Enjoy!

1 – For more hydration:

After cleansing and toning your face or body dampen your hands and lightly pat and press water into your skin. Next apply a good moisturiser. The moisturiser acts as a barrier preventing the water from escaping, and leaving it nowhere to go but inwards! It also costs practically nothing and makes a huge difference to your skin!



You only want your skin to be damp not dripping. Also be sure to include your neck and upper chest as you should also be doing your entire skincare regieme on these areas too!

2 – For more moisture:

Apply your moisturiser like you would a face mask. Sleep with it over night. This works the same as a real sleep mask and keeps your skin intensely moisturised! Do this at least once a week and you will notice a difference. Works amazingly after a day in the sun. You could also use aloe gel under the moisturiser instead of a serum!


Apply your moisturiser with a mask brush or makeup brush. Use long sweeping movements and dont forget to get as close to your eyes as possible. Always apply down the neck. Let the mask sink in a bit before you hop into bed, you dont want the product to be absorbed by your bed linen!

3 – For your pretty eyes:

After wearing primers, mascara’s and eye shadows all day you take the day off with your eye make up remover and you might even put moisturiser on. But do you own an eye cream? Most people put this under their eyes and forget their brow bone and eye lids! This simple hack will go a long way to making your eye shadows sit nicer on lovely hydrated and more moisturised eyelids. If your skin isn’t overly dry try a gel eye cream! Those are the best for all over eye care!


Apply eyecream with your ring finger and move in sweeping repitive motions to ensure product has spread evenly and it has been massaged into the skin.

4 – Sun damage prevention:

Just as you might put a shade adjuster into your foundation why not try a pea sized amount of sunscreen? This will lighten the foundation slightly and give you added and much-needed SPF protection. It also makes for a great base to allow further cosmetics to stick to the foundation and stay on all day long!

Here I am using Aussie branded Skinstitut 50+ with Australis’ Oh to glow foundation. Love both of these!

Keep in mind you also need to re apply sunscreen every four hours so do this just as you would a sealing mist. Use a sunscreen spray can and lightly mist your face to keep your all day look strong and protect your skin! Here I used one from Aldi. Yes its made for kids… but its light, non irritating and non greasy! Perfect for over makeup. It’s such a light mist you can barely see it in the photo below!


IMG_8619.JPG5 – For super cleansing and super absorption:

Steaming! Right you all don’t have facial steamers at home but what you probably have is a shower, a kettle, a towel and a bowl.

You can literally steam your skin at home. Heat up the kettle, pour the boiled water into a heat proof container. Lean your face over the bowl with hot water steaming – put a towel over your head and lean into the bowl to prevent the steam from escaping. You have probably seen this done in movies when someone has a cold. So be prepared for blocked noses to be clear as well. Do this for minimum five minutes or a max of ten.

Below: Morphy Richards geometric kettle. Comes with a matching toaster!


Another way of steaming is to have a shower and turn the hot water to full-bore. Step to the side as the steam vapours around your entire body and face. However the shower method isn’t as sustainable due to severe water waste.

Both of these methods will open up the pores in the skin, cleanse and help with removal of toxins. Best to steam just after cleansing the skin. The best part is, whatever you put on your skin after steaming will have a much better effects than no steaming.

For beautiful lasting skin, Never apply make up during these times:
If you apply make up after a bath, shower, sauna or exercise your allowing your cosmetics to clog your pores! This will lead to nasty textured skin, pimples and bacteria building. Wait until your skin has cooled back down to normal temperature before you apply makeup so that your skin remains flawlessly gorgeous!

BONUS 6 – For an at home hair treatment:

Did you know that using super hot water to shampoo your hair makes the shampoo work better and paves the way for superior conditioning? Have the water as hot as you can while you shampoo and rinse, this will open up the hair cells to receive the conditioner in the next step. Apply your conditioner to your hot wet hair and the hair will absorb it far better, leaving you with soft and super conditioned hair.  Leave your conditioner in and rinse with cold water. Cold water will seal the now conditioned hair cells back together. It’s the same as steaming your pores by using hot water open them and cool water to close them.

Below: my favourite hair care brand Ogx. I am currently using the O2 for serious hydration. Perfect for summer locks.

Another tip for soft silky locks is to apply your conditioner before your shampoo. This prevents the hair from being over stripped by the shampoo. You can still apply conditioner after if you wish but be careful as this can create an oiler scalp and hair. Might I suggest applying the conditioner coat just to hair ends. That way you’re left with amazingly conditioned ends and beautiful hair everywhere else!

So, I hope you enjoyed my funny little demonstrations and I really hope you incorporate these into your daily life.

Until next time stay beautiful.

Jayde x


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