Do it in the shower with Mine Tan -Handy Tan Review

Minetan personal handy tan spray kit review:
Minetan does not come with a spray tan tent but, you can do it in the shower and simply rinse it right after. No stains on the tile or grout if you rinse it before the tan develops.img_7273

This little DIY kit comes with everything to get you started:

  • Mine Tan’s tanning solution
  • Tanning mit
  • Instruction sheets
  • Gun attachment
  • Compressor with on/off switch and heat switch to be used while drying only.

This machine is great for personal use, it is compact, easy to travel with and light enough to handle. In use, the mist is sprayed in a smaller width compared to most machines, which is great during personal use as your able to pinpoint exactly where you want the tan to go. The machine also comes with a dial from 1-8 so you can choose how much solution you want to be extracted (also fab for personal use). I used it on 8 the whole time as I was spraying someone else.

It’s powerful enough to produce a fine mist but not powerful enough to get the job done quickly. Slow and steady wins the race when your spraying yourself.
The thing I love about this machine is it’s very economical. I filled the cup with solution about a centimetre from the top and sprayed two coats on my subject. When I finished I noticed there was a quarter of the solution left. The device sprays so fine, and in smaller sections due to its lack of power and this actually makes it way more economical than some professional machines I’ve used.

However, it takes twice as long and even longer to clean it. The machine is difficult to clean due to its lack of power so if you wanted to make a business out of spray tanning I wouldn’t suggest this as your first machine. Time is money.

As it sprays slower and in smaller sections than professional machines it obviously takes longer to do one coat. But this isn’t a bad thing because it was dry by the time I started on the second coat.  We didn’t even need to use the heat switch that is made for drying at the end of spraying, my subject was already completely dry.

The reduced power is a positive in that it gives you a lot more control when spraying yourself. Great for beginners.

You wouldn’t want to spray yourself with one of the really good pro machines, you’d end up looking messy!

The solution bottle is 220mls which will give approximately 5 sprays. It’s an unscented solution which is fantastic, but the best thing is it’s a express tan. You can shower after an hour of development. For best results I would leave it on 6-8 hours as the colour develops further. The colour was a green base and gave a lovely finish.

I was wondering why Mine Tan included a mit. I couldn’t figure it out as you don’t need those when you spray. I also didn’t really read the instructions until after.

During the spraying I realised why, as it sprays in smaller widths it can create streaks and the mit blends those with a quick rub.

Due to my experience I didn’t need to use it and just adapted to the machine. The mit would also come in very handy if your spraying yourself especially because it’s so difficult to get a streak free look with any machine. Spraying the backs of your own legs and arms is very difficult to do streak free.

At a super affordable $99 and the fact that the public has access to purchase this kit from Priceline it will make DIY spray tanning much more accessible.

The machine would come in handy when you and your girls have a big party to go to. You could all spray each other the night before. Grab champagne, turn up the tunes and have a tanning sesh.

Rating: 💄💄💄💄

I rate this machine 4 lipsticks out of 5. I find it more time consuming. If I was completely green and this was my first machine that I used at home instead of using a rub on tan I would give it a 5/5. For those of you who are new to spray tans this will make your life so much more fun.

I also wouldn’t care how much time it took to do either, as you can put a time limit of beautifying yourself at home. I definitely recommend this to any tanning obsessed babe.

Final verdict: I will be using this super handy machine again. It’s great for travelling, especially in my suitcase! It’s perfect for zipping over to a friends house to tan them as well. I don’t offer mobile tanning in my salon as the machine is a big beast. So if any of my girls need to get their bronze on I can literally throw it in a shopper bag and off I go.

Oh and if your wondering how on earth does anyone spray tan themselves? How do they spray their back? Well, that’s what loved ones are for… you spray my back, I’ll spray yours!

Stay bronzed and beautiful until next time x


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